Working with Lyssa was truly a great experience.  She was very thoughtful, respectful, and professional in her approach to rewriting my resume, my cover letter, updating my LinkedIn profile and providing so many additional interview resources and approaches to my job search.  She is very knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to helping you in developing a job search strategy that works.  She eased my fears and kept me focused and success followed after that. Within weeks I was able to find a new position and return to the industry I was out of for several years.  I couldn’t have done it without her help.  Thank you, Lyssa!!!

Margaret R. Vice President Banking

After four months of struggling to find a job, I sat down with Lyssa, and she took the time to update my professional profile. She updated my resume and cover letter, optimized my LinkedIn profile to look more professional, and provided really valuable resources and advice to land more job interviews. We spent time going over my resume, we worked together to discuss what resume elements were the most important, and what would stand out the most within the work industry that I was looking to enter. As a result, I landed twice the amount of job interviews and managed to receive a few offers within two months. If I didn’t go to Lyssa, I would still be looking for work. She’s extremely good at what she does, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with!


Alex C. Digital Media

The work Lyssa did on my Resume and especially the Cover Letter took my job search to a whole different level. As soon as I was able to start submitting my Resume and Cover Letter to potential employers I was getting phone calls and emails to set up interviews. The results were almost immediate. I can say for certain that without Lyssa’s help, guidance, and vision I would not have been successful in my search and landed a great job at a great firm with a great bump in pay.  She was worth every penny.

Ari B. Controller/Financial Leader

I purposely chose to work with Lyssa to help me with my Resume and Job Search because I knew she would hold me accountable.  It’s hard staying at home wondering if you will find a place in the working world again.  Lyssa’s support and help in my job search has given me a new found confidence and I am exciting about what lies ahead.  Thank you, Lyssa!

Maria L. Office Administration/Accounting

I commissioned Lyssa to review my resume and update to today’s standards. Lyssa was instrumental in guiding the process and providing recommendations for enhancing my connection base and enabling me to market myself to a broader audience. Lyssa was thorough with her initial conversations and selling herself which made me feel comfortable with the process. I highly recommend Lyssa to anyone seeking career guidance, resume guidance, and recommendations for updates to LinkedIn / social media presence…her guidance is exceptional.

Kevin D. Sales/Account Management

I applied for several positions after Lyssa reconstructed my resume. The increase in resume response was HUGE! I had several phone interviews and 3 of which brought me in for in-person interviews.  Right before the holidays I was offered a new position.  I could not have gotten my foot in the door without a proper resume and I owe Lyssa a big THANK YOU!!

Diana D. Marketing

Lyssa has been an invaluable resource to me time and time again. She has a vault of knowledge and experience that have benefitted my organization and time management skills in my career as well as my personal life. I would recommend her professional and insightful services to anyone.

Nancy H. Human Resources

Lyssa was incredibly helpful during my job search. She provided expert guidance and support through the whole process. Highly recommended!

Brock H. Sales

Lyssa was extremely helpful to my daughter with her job search. Lyssa is amazing to work with and extremely knowledgeable about all facets of the process – choosing a career path, developing a resume, devising a job search strategy, and guidance throughout the process. My daughter landed a great job in downtown Chicago. Thank you, Lyssa!

Rafael K. Business Executive and Parent

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Lyssa during my first post-college job search, and I cannot recommend her enough.  Lyssa was crucial in guiding me toward a successful career path.  She really listened to my aspirations and brainstormed possible opportunities.  Her input on my resume and feedback on my networking efforts was invaluable. As a new job seeker, I really appreciated the interview preparation time as well.  I can truthfully say that without Lyssa’s guidance and expertise I would not be in my current job or on my career path.  She is positive, responsive, experienced, organized and connected, and I am grateful for her help.

Julia A. Agency Coordinator

After 15 years of not touching my resume, I reached out to Lyssa for some casual advice and this is what I received: Direct and actionable feedback for both a cover letter/resume that speaks to the market TODAY.  However what separates Lyssa is the manner in which she provides the feedback, as its example led for full understanding, and carries 20 + years of credibility while working in the recruitment space.  Lyssa is a great resource for not just job seekers, but for anyone looking to increase their own marketability.

Josh K. Sales Executive

I was in a work situation where it wasn’t really working for me and I was looking for another opportunity. My network wasn’t as large in Chicago as it was in my previous location and so I needed to build that out or be reliant on amazing people to help me through the process. That is when fate hit, and I was connected to Lyssa. Through our interaction, she was able to help me by not only listening to my goals but connecting me with people who could use someone of my skillset. Lyssa and I discussed my career goals, what I was doing and more importantly, what I wanted to do.  She is a fantastic listener, communicator and networker. She is an absolute subject matter expert in the field of coaching and recruiting and a fantastic resource that I highly recommend.

Ian S. Operations/Business Strategy