This is a tricky time to be job searching and while competition will be tough, it is possible to get hired in this difficult environment.  Below are some tips to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

You need to adjust the way in which you apply for roles to stand out from the crowd.  Companies are still hiring, so it is important to present yourself in a way that stands out from others and get noticed in a virtual meeting.

If you are job hunting or have landed a virtual interview here are some recommendations, you can use to get that next job:

Identify Growth Industries

Companies that are expanding and looking for investment are more likely to hire than implement hiring freezes.  Consider businesses that have had to ramp-up hiring to meet current Covid-19 related demands and apply there.  Think of sectors that are resilient in the face of the pandemic like Teaching/Tutoring, Medical/Social Care, Exercise Coaching/Training, Retail/E-Commerce, Delivery/Distribution Services and Farming.  Focus on searching for jobs within those industries.

Leverage Your Network

Many positions are never posted externally, so it is more important than ever to network and meet for in-person or virtually for coffee/lunch, conduct informational interviews, etc.

Build and use your LinkedIn Network and Groups on LinkedIn to engage with people to ask for help with your search.  Participate in virtual job fairs, engage in industry/career discussions on social media platforms, and reach out to anyone that could help you in your job search.  People are more likely to keep you at top of mind, when you reciprocate the offer to help, so be sure to extend that offer. Be proactive about networking and make it happen!

Improve your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile

Having an up to date Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile right can be the difference between getting an interview versus being overlooked.  It is so important to tailor your Resume for the position you are targeting and incorporating keywords in your Resume and LinkedIn profile that speak to the job you want.  This will help recruiters find you when they are searching for qualified candidates.  Consider hiring a Career Consultant to help you update your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile.  It is a worthy investment in helping you land your next job.  +4

Check Your Technology

If you have scheduled a virtual interview on a platform such as Zoom or WebEx the usual interview rules, such as getting dressed appropriately, still apply. However, there is more you can do to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

For starters, test your technology before the interview and make sure it does what you need it to do before the interview. Positioning the camera and angle of lighting in the right place can make a huge difference.  Make sure that the camera and lighting present you in the most flattering way possible.  Finally, reduce the likelihood of interruptions, like family members, dogs/pets, and alarms/reminders.

Set the Scene

Select a room that you are comfortable in (not a bedroom) and that gives a professional and warm impression.  Also, make sure you remove any clutter from the view of the recruiter/interviewer, give a neat and clean impression of your environment.

By following all the above suggestions, you should have a successful remote interview experience and land that next job soon!