We have all faced a variety of challenges in 2020 and are hopeful for a better 2021.  If you, your friends, or family faced a job loss and are now searching for your next gig, keep these practical and key tips in mind as you prepare and venture on your job search in 2021.

Perfection is not necessary!

Managers are not looking for flawlessness.  Show that you are human, own your mistakes, learn from them and most importantly, do your best.

What do enjoy doing?

If you do what you like, you will ultimately be happy and successful.

What are your strengths?

Really focus and demonstrate what you can offer!

Stand out!

Put your qualities and skillset on paper.  Hire an expert to help you craft and edit your resume.  Explain how you are different than other candidates.

Demonstrate how you have been RESILIENT and FLEXIBLE!

Explain the hurdles you have overcome and what you have learned from them.  Also, show that you are open and willing to do more.

Technology expert!

Continue to learn everything about functioning in a virtual world—be proficient in using all kinds of software and devices and document that on your resume.

Cheers to a new job in 2021!