You have been out of work or have been looking for a new job for a few weeks or even months. You are starting to feel frustrated and like you are not making any progress. It feels like your job search is just dragging on and on—what do you do to keep from curling up into a big ball of despair? Here are 6 strategies to keep you on a positive track.

Refuse to give up – Throughout my life I have faced many challenges, as have most of us. Although there are times when I felt down or wanted to walk away, I never did. I always dug deep, found the energy and drive to keep on keeping on!

Focus your emotions – I learned a lot over the years, from my now 16-year old son. Amongst many challenges he has faced, he always allowed himself to be mad or sad for a short period of time, and then moved on and back to his focus. He taught me it’s ok to feel angry or down, but that releasing those emotions is a good thing and can help you move forward and back on track.

Set daily/weekly goals – Setting small goals on a daily and weekly basis will help you stay positive. Not only set the goals, but write them down, writing them down forces you to think about them and commit to them. Look at them daily. You can set goals like: Connect with 5 new people on LinkedIn today; Set up a coffee or lunch meeting with a former colleague or friend; Attend 1 networking event this month, etc. There are plenty of goals that you can set for yourself that are productive and positive.

Create a routine – It may seem like you have all sorts of un-filled time during a job search, however finding a job is a full-time job. Creating a routine each day that fuels your job search will help you focus and stay on track. Use a calendar and schedule each day with purpose.

Find time for yourself – Whether it’s exercise, mediation, listening to music, cooking, etc. Fill 1 hour each day doing something just for you that will give you the motivation in your job search to stay engaged and optimistic.

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate the small wins. Every new connection you make, interview, call back for a second interview, networking event that you attend, etc. is a win and a step in the right direction towards your new job!